The Super Pitts

The Super Pitts is an example of the final iteration, the model 12, of the series of aerobatic aircraft designed by Curtiss Pitts.

His first Pitts special flew in 1946.

Before this final design, Pitts specials have been fitted with flat four or six cylinder Lycoming engines with power up to 260 hp. There was one exception - in 1947 Curtiss built a one off, radial engined Pitts special, that was called Sampson. It was fitted with a 450 hp Pratt and Whitney Wasp radial engine.

The Super Pitt’s nine cylinder radial develops 426 hp.

Built over 5 years by its owner and display pilot Peter Borchert, it first flew in 2017.

It was given the top LAA award - the Prince Michael of Kent Trophy - Concour du Elegance

It has a 3000ft/min climb rate and a maximum speed of 240mph.

The Super Pitts is a clipped wing version of Curtiss’s original model 12 design.

It’s biplane and radial engine give it the appearance of a 1930’s air racer.